These are the new options. I’ve put my preference in as the main photo but I’m very open to all of them.

The key new elements are to be 3D shadow, boldness & prominence to text, and 3rd element through a third orb.

Font Boldness


Various levels of shadow. This is a difficult issue because shadows display differently on different qualities of monitor. As monitors improve so does the clarity of these subtle shades. My preference is a middle way. Heavier than I’d choose to display it on a graphics monitor but probably better for general consumption.

Third Orb – Exterior Orb

The third orb is green to represent the hills on which the wind flows and the location of the wind farms. It is also a strong colour in the renewable sector.

Third Orb – Internal

To maintain a cleaner look, more in keeping with the orginal, I brought the orbs inside the main circle. Here we get a better representation of a green hill with a sun and wind element.

Wind Elements

In an effort to symbolise wind and water I’ve experimented with fluid shapes. With the main image I’ve tried to incorporate both wind and water.

Bringing it all together

Bolder font, larger text and under shadows are all excellent improvements to the logo, in my opinion. These are what I see as the best of all the new design elements.

Random order: