Nornacon Logo

These logo suggestions represent a range of approaches to the task of expressing the nature of Nornacon and communicating the core function.

You will see colours and shapes that are widely used in the energy, renewable and weather sectors as some that reflect innovation or stature.

Nornacon straddles two genres when it comes to logos. There is the colourful and bold tradition in weather forecasting and the sleek and simple of technology.

Both genres make heavy use of colour gradients but I was assured that we are looking for a cleaner look with this project. I have been naughty and sneaked in a few gradients regardless.

In general, the following branding ideas are in order of complexity. As we go down the list we will see increasingly involved ideas that attempt to communicate the functions of Nornacon more overtly.


Nornacon is a unique and distinctive name and an elaborate design may be unnecessary or counterproductive.

The key advantages to this type of logo is that it fits with modern communication methods as it can be replicated in plain text. This allows it to be machine-read to promote SEO or be spoken out-loud by electronic personal assistants, even when it is in a website title or overlaying an image.

There are three fonts used in these examples. We have a friendly but modern style with the more rounded font, and a more technological and dramatic style in the second. The bolder font can represent stability and stature.


“Inference – a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.”

The Inference logo embodies the prediction and reasoning that Nornacon is able to deliver. The viewer is deducing the ‘N’ shape from the pattern of the shadow it throws, just as Nornacon can deduce the weather in a specific location from the patterns in data.

The shadows cast can be a gradient between green and blue, which are colours that are widely associative of renewable energy, cutting edge technology, weather and the environment.

Inference Bold

Inference Bold shares the same use of negative space to communicate prediction and reasoning. The bolder font in a single solid colour is more in line with many b2b enterprises who want to communicate strength and stature.

Blue is a colour associated with energy and technology. By shifting this colour to a slightly lighter, brighter blue we can move into a more technological look.

Positive Simplicity

This logo has a modern, technological and Scandinavian feel that communicates positivity and dynamism. The eye is drawn to the logo by the blue up-arrow which is reflected in the central character of the name.


The raindrop is the most overt reference to weather that we have employed here. The logo also has the same inference technique to draw the eye and hint at the predictive and insight of Nornacon.


The target imagery of Precision hints at the precise predictive powers of Nornacon and also the local nature of the forecasting.

The colours used are ones associated with weather and renewable energy. There are also inference patterns that we associate with prediction and reasoning.


The horizon is the place we traditionally looked for our weather and this logo uses the ‘O’s to symbolise the sun at sunset and shining in the sky.


Gradients convey the idea of combining several elements. Noracon facilitiates the combination of various renewable energy sources, as well as forecasting various weather phenomena. These colours and gradients are designed to reflect this seamless integration.

The bubble gradient logos juxtapose the complexity of the bubbles with the solid dependability of the Nornacon name. The chaotic structure funnels down to the order of the name.

The yellow, blue and green colours are those that are most associated with the main renewable energy sources and also with weather. The colours coalesce and diverge showing the way that Nornacon can use predictions to optimise the combination of energy sources.

Colour Schemes

Web Colours

The examples below show some possibility and give an indication of the environs in which the logo will be seen,